Shatter your limits. 

Unleash your inner potential as you bring your dreams to life, build a solid foundation, and magnetize success by becoming the best version of yourself.



Did you know that you manifest everything that happens in your life right now?

This means that every time shift, alter, adjust how you see life and yourself, every outcome changes. 

Create your dream life.


You Can Live your ultimate life.

Learn, use and become the formula for building wealth, reaching dreams, attracting your every desire and living in your worth.

  • Create or attract the income you desire.
  • Unleash the potential you were born with but have never fully known.
  • Become who you were intended to become.
  • Realize and manifest your purpose into your reality.
  • Live the life you have always dreamed of living.
  • Finally feel that inner peace and confidence you have always yearned for.
  • Heal your heart, mind, body and soul.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Even more you have always had the abilities inside of you, it is time to unlock them.

What is stopping you? and the bigger question, how many times in your life has it stopped you before?


In The Next 12 Months, you will.


  • Love the work you do, or attract the work you love.
  • Turn dreams into reality, your life into happiness
  • Attract with confidence anything you want, whenever you want it.


The right attraction method will make all of the difference. So if you do the actions, you will get the results. It is up to you.


Shatter your limits.

You Are Ready To finally feel in control of your life and reach all of your goals and dreams?

In this 12 month program we will show you how to truly start attracting and most importantly believing in what you are able to have and achieve.

  • Let go of past trauma's.
  • Change your perspective to easily make the changes you want in your life.
  • Attract whatever you want easily.
  • Be confident in yourself and what you choose to go after.

Here we will unlock who you were always supposed to be and give you the belief in all that you are truly capable of achieving and attracting.


I know it is hard to imagine when you are sitting in worry and struggle. a life free of lack of belief in ones self and the knowing that you can do anything. It was for me too, but if I can do it, so can you and as soon as I realized the secrets that were never really a secret, it was easy.

What's Included In Shatter your limits 12 months...

Knowledge gives power

Awareness and Understanding.

Every month we will show you another way to think, Something new to believe in. With this you will discover the truth about:

  • The power of beliefs.
  • Energy equals outcome
  • Making connections.

You will learn, realize and understand what is already inside of you to do. Unlocking your higher self from the chains of your past hurts and trauma's.

Actions and Intentions.

Attraction is about you.

Inner communication is how our life manifests our daily reality. Actions change outcomes, so here we will give you actions. The formula for change.

  • Shift your confidence and beliefs.
  • Control and raise your vibration or results.
  • Shift adjust your focus.
  • removing reactions and living in responding.

Step by step guided actions and alterations in your daily routines, thoughts, processing to create the new outcomes.

Releasing and Allowing.

Letting go of what doesn't serve you is the greatest give we can give to ourselves. 

True forgiveness of self and others will free you from the chains and restrictions you have allowed from others and done to yourself.

  • Focus energy
  • Perspective, emotions and your past.
  • releasing the weight of past emotion.
  • and more

You’ll finish this lesson with your emotional and physical being finally seeing and understanding how easy happiness is, and your desire to built and attract will have you reaching your dreams easily, because your past will no longer decide your future.

The Higher self.

The spiritual, energetic side of attraction.

For many, the goal is to be happy, love your work, have a belief system, feel and be loved, have money, get to choose. The Universe, attraction and spirituality go hand in hand. We are breaking patterns, letting go, finding a new way to live our lives to it's fullest and that involves truly understanding the Universe and how it works. 

  • Contract vs Karma
  • Vibration and frequency
  • Your soul family
  • The other side.
  • Signs everywhere
  • and more

By the time you finish this program you will be a master at attraction. Feeling emotionally free to create, achieve and live your best life. 

What are your goals?

Shatter your limits is For You if...

  • You feel lost.
  • You are unhappy with how your living and you want more.
  • You don't believe in yourself, but want too.
  • You dream of living a more comfortable life
  • You know you have a purpose and you want to live it.

We have thousands and thousands of success stories, I have not
added a testimony section for a few reasons.


It isn't us that is doing the work it is all of you, and you deserve the credit for yourself, not us, in our opinion this is a personal journey and we do not need or require the praise. We only care that you are succeeding. We believe reaching our goals is a very private thing, We should be allowed to share what we want to share, and we do not believe it is in our right to ask you to testify for us. You will be communicating with members on the inside, you can hear all about it in the program and see for yourself. This one is the biggest reason, You have to do the work, and if you do your life will change, but if you don't, we do not want you feeling like you failed by seeing all of the thousands that did. We all have different journey's and a big part of your success is to stop measuring it by others.




Shatter your limits 12 month program!


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Total value if you were to learn this entire program one on one $9655.52. Join today for a limited time $348.99 Canadian.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to save over $200.00 by paying in full.


If you try Shatter for limits for 14 days, and you decide it doesn't work, you don't agree, KJ swears too much and it is too real for my liking. Whatever your reason, you can do 1 of 3 things. Request a refund, and we will give it. Or you can contact my office and ask to switch your course to another one. Or you can book a 1 hour video one on one session with Kjarlune Rae instead. (Cost of 1 hour sessions with KJ is ($300.00) Or a couple of sessions with one of our other staff. Simply send us a message. Your success and happiness in life matters to us!