One on One Coaching that will change your life!

If you want something you have never had. You Must do something you have never done in order to achieve it!


Did you know that 90% of the population do not live the life they truly want?

It should be 10% don't and 90% do because we all have the actual ability to not only thrive, but achieve every goal, desire, need, want, we could ever think of and even more, what we couldn't today even imagine is possible.



You should NEVER settle for less! 

You Can Have It All!

Anyone who has ever told you differently lied. Not their fault they were lied to as well.

  • We are all born with abilities and a connection to the Universe, our dreams and our goals.
  • Everyone has it inside of them to succeed.
  • It is not a risk to live your dreams, it is the sacrifice of life not too.
  • You have your dreams for a reason.
  • It it doesn't feel good, you should stop doing it.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to be truly happy, love your life and live your dreams!

The truth is that it isn't even hard to do, you have just been told it is. You are not actually afraid of failure, you have just been taught to be. Therapy is not going to get you to your goals, that is not what it was developed for. It takes a long time and as much as some traditional therapy can really make a difference in healing your trauma's and past. You do not need to heal in order to achieve and have a great life, and if you had a great life, the healing would happen without you having to heal it. How can we prove this? 


No one alive has not had trauma, hard times, made mistakes they will never truly forgive, not been hurt, emotionally attacked, had true physical and emotional pain. Yes there are successful happy people living their best lives right now and you should be too. 


There is no luck or bad luck. Your life today is based on choices, cycles repeated, lack of self worth, fear, a belief system that doesn't work for you, and lack of the right action.


In The Next Year, You Could…

  • Go from a 60k business to 220k and go global in your medium business Like Bonnie has.
  • Start your own consulting business at 120K and invest like Paul has.
  • Make a extra 10k a  month as a interior designer consultant like Thy has.
  • Become sought after in your field, traveling the world, making 3-400k a year without a degree like Anesh has. .
  • These are just a few of Kj's real clients with their real results.

Knowing how to focus and attract, without looking back, living in fear, and truly understanding your own internal communication. Kj can get you further than you ever thought your could go, without sacrificing to do so.

1 on 1 Coaching.

The last good butt kicking you will ever need.

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 You Are Ready To Finally Take Control of Your Life and Live Your Dreams!


What is different with Kj's one on one live video coaching than any other certified trained coach?


  • We will change how you see your past and your future.
  • Use the Universe and your guides to change your outcomes.
  • Give you a completely different perspective of your past, so it stops crippling you.
  • Turn your trauma's into your strengths. One we can fully see what we are capable of, limitations disappear.
  • Give you the exact steps you need to reach the goals and potential you already have and are meant to achieve.
  • Release your self imposed road blocks. 

 With a simple shift in your mindset using the Universe and Kjarlune Rae's unique techniques. Your ultimate life will become your reality.

What kind of coaching do we specialize in and what is included.

Live 1 on 1 hourly sessions.

Kjarlune Rae will channel your past, Communicate to your soul, free you from what is getting in your way.

  • Learn how to succeed from someone who has.
  • Gain self worth and belief in you and what you want to build.
  • Gain your own personal manifestation mindset.

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what makes up your credit score and how to achieve the score you need for your next big purchase.

The 1 on 1 coaching we offer.

What you need is what we focus on.

  • Be your own boss. Business coaching.
  • Career promotion and development coaching.
  • Relationship, Couples coaching.
  • Life, find your purpose coaching.
  • Intuitive Development coaching.

We could offer so much more but Kjarlune Rae will never coach in something she has not yet achieved herself. In all of these programs you will get manifestation, wealth, dream development.

What all comes with your 1 on 1 coaching?

You will heal, build, create, mind body and soul.

  • bi-weekly or weekly 1 on 1 live video coaching with Therapist, Clairvoyant, coach KJ.
  • Every You in the Making online self directed program for 2 years.
  • Complete steps through out your 1 year coaching. A map created and build just for you.

Kjarlune walks side by side with you in your goals and work for 1 year along with full access to every program You in The Making has and develops for 2 years.

You should know a few things.

We cannot invest this time together without getting emotionally connected. Your life, our work together.

  • Kjarlune Rae interviews you to see if the two of you fit. She doesn't fail.
  • Her schedule only allows 30 coaching clients and she is often full.
  • Her clients change and grow so much in their time together they often stay on.

Kjarlune Rae takes her coaching very seriously. When you work and share so much together you become very close. She does get invested in your success and she does take is personal. It is why she stopped being a therapist and became a coach.

1 on 1 is for you if:

  • You are tired of struggling and ready to invest and commit.
  • You know your life can be amazing and you know you need help to get there.
  • You are ready to do what it takes.
  • You are ready to reach your dreams.

Hi I am Kjarlune Rae.


You can find out more about me in the about section. I am a trained therapist. I have studied in psychology, theology, E.M.D.R., Hypnotherapy. and so much more. I have been coaching clients as a clairvoyant therapist for over 30 years. I have built a very successful Clairvoyant business in a poverty stricken industry. I know what it takes to believe in myself, shut out the negative and build success and a great life when no one believed I could or even should. I reach every goal I ever set for myself and you can too. 



This is just the tip and if Kj approves you for one on one coaching. She will give you access to  coaching clients to ask them yourself. You don't have to take our word for it.

I have done so much healing in this past year. I am so grateful for all of the help I have received. I feel good.  The momentum is building as is my confidence in myself. I love you K.J. your ability to call a spade a spade and insightfulness. You love and accept yourself like I have rarely seen and I aspire to do the same. Thank you so much for all of your help and I look forward to our future coaching sessions.
Dr. K
In his first year he went from a desk job in oil and gas to working and living overseas. He doubled his income, tax free. After 5 years of working together he has met his twin soul, travels the world, picks his contracts but could retire completely. All of this without a university degree. 
- A.A.
In the first year we worked together she doubled her income as an interior designer. She is now her own boss after opening her own interior design consulting company.
- T.N.

1 Year of one on one coaching.



1 time investment, Includes 2 years of You in the making programs. Canadian prices but will change to U.S. soon. Prices are subject to change.

With your bi-weekly one on one coaching you will also be apart of our Masters in Manifestation, which is a 1 year bi-weekly group coaching live video sessions. Audio sessions weekly with challenges and help to get you manifesting, and a accountability partner to work with who is in the program too for challenges and accountability.



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1 time investment. Includes 2 years of You in the Making programs. Canadian prices but will change to U.S. Soon. Prices are subject to change.

With your weekly one on one coaching you will also be apart of our Masters in Manifestation, which is a 1 year bi-weekly group coaching live video sessions. Audio sessions weekly with challenges and help to get you manifesting, and a accountability partner to work with who is in the program too for challenges and accountability.



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A few things to know about this investment.

There is no trial period. Once you have joined your coaching and scheduled your 1 year worth of sessions. There is no refund. We are in this together.

You will have access to every program You in the making has and creates for 2 years.

If Kjarlune or you have to cancel a session for any reason it will get added to the end or rescheduled if Kjarlune's schedule allows it.

Kjarlune takes one on one coaching on Wednesday's Thursday's and Friday's only. 

Every session is recorded for you and will be sent to you.

Kjarlune is bound by confidentiality and cannot communicate about your coaching to anyone for any reason. It is why we only used initials.

You can write off your coaching if you are a business owner or attach your coaching cost to your taxes if employed.

We accept e-transfer and credit card invoicing for coaching. The reason we charge the full amount of front is two fold. Your coach should never have to track down your payments, it changes the relationship and both you and Kj are making a commitment to your full year.